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Insurances Accepted

Understanding insurance coverage can be a complicated process. With years of experience and our computer database of thousands of employers and dental plans, our staff will help you to determine your coverage and receive the benefits to which you are entitled.

Some things to keep in mind:

Your dental coverage is based on a contract between your employer and an insurance company. Each insurance company, such as Delta, Horizon, Aetna and others sell many different plans with different levels of coverage.

Your dental coverage is not based on what you need. It is based on what your employer is willing to pay to the insurance company selected by the employer for your plan.

We do not make our recommendations for your dental health based on your insurance coverage. We will help you evaluate treatment options and make good decisions based on your financial comfort. We suggest that you understand the details of your dental plan but make treatment decisions based on what is best for your health, not just what may be covered by your dental insurance.

Since annual maximums for insurance payments are low and have not increased much over the years, we are often asked if treatment can wait until the next insurance year. We will try to give you a realistic picture of risks versus benefits of postponing treatment. Unfortunately we cannot see the future and know for sure whether that new crown can wait until January!

Our staff can help with many insurance questions such as the amount of your annual maximum used and whether a planned treatment is covered and at what level. They will submit the insurance claim forms for you and follow up with insurance companies to get payment on your behalf. Our staff will also keep you informed of your financial responsibility beyond the insurance coverage.